Bosman Monuments Has a New Home

Join us as we merge our traditions with Ketterhagen Memorials, ensuring the same commitment to quality and care.

Celebrating the Heritage of Bosman Monuments

Kenosha's Legacy of Craftsmanship and Dedication

Located in the heart of Kenosha, Bosman Monuments continues to shine as a beacon of artistry and dedication for Kenosha County and its surrounding communities. With roots stretching back to 1957, Bosman remains committed to the time-honored traditions and processes it was founded upon. This isn’t just about crafting monuments; it’s about honoring the unique stories and memories that each piece encapsulates. Through every carefully chiseled detail and personalized design, the Bosman name stands as a testament to an old-fashioned, hand-crafted approach that has remained unchanged over the decades.

Throughout its storied history, Bosman Monuments has always stood firm in its promise of excellence. By harnessing the best materials, artisan techniques, and a cherished hand-crafted approach, every memorial becomes a unique masterpiece. The brand’s commitment to precision, personalized designs, and genuine engagement with every client’s wishes makes Bosman Monuments a continued trusted partner in memorialization. Under the Ketterhagen Memorials umbrella, the foundational values that have established Bosman Monuments as Kenosha’s premier monument maker are not just preserved but celebrated.

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Continuing the Bosman Tradition: Dedication in Every Detail

From design to dedication, let the legacy of Bosman guide your memorial journey.

As stewards of the cherished Bosman legacy, we at Ketterhagen Memorials are proud to uphold the same dedication to artistry, quality, and personal connection. Bosman’s long-standing commitment to Kenosha County and its surrounding communities has been seamlessly integrated into our ethos. We invite you to connect with us, sharing your stories, memories, and aspirations, and let us craft a lasting tribute that truly honors your loved ones.

Many familiar faces from Bosman Monuments continue their passionate work with us today, blending years of experience with the fresh innovation Ketterhagen brings. This union has resulted in a synergy where tradition meets modernity. Together, as a united force, we offer a wider range of services, designs, and choices, ensuring that every family finds the perfect memorial to encapsulate their sentiments and honor their loved ones. Our combined expertise and dedication mean that we can serve you better than ever before.

Continuing the Bosman Legacy with Ketterhagen Memorials

Dedication to craftsmanship, personalization, and service remains at the core of our work. Whether you're familiar with Bosman Monuments or are discovering us for the first time, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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