Our Headstones

Where Craftsmanship Meets Legacy: A Glimpse into Our Timeless Tributes.

The quintessential canvas for memory, where each detail, texture, and shape translates to a story standing tall for generations.

Upright Monuments: A Testament to Timelessness

Upright Monuments: A timeless testament to love, memories, and enduring legacies. These classic vertical markers, forged from nature’s finest granite, stand as lasting tributes to those we hold dear. Explore our gallery to witness the blend of skilled craftsmanship and intricate designs, each piece telling a unique story. Let Ketterhagen Memorials help you etch your cherished memories in stone.

Crafted Elegance with Every Angle.

Slant Markers: A Modern Nod to Timeless Memories

Slant markers elegantly bridge the traditional with the contemporary. Their modernized angle captures both the sunlight and the viewer’s attention, creating a distinctive tribute to cherished memories. With the ability to rest upon a matching base, they embody a sense of completeness, ensuring that every story stands tall. Dive into our collection of slant markers, where design meets emotion at every turn.

Angled Grace. Timeless Tribute.

Bevel Markers: Elegance Elevated

Bevel markers embody an elegance that rises above, capturing the essence of memories with their subtle, angled design. This unique incline gives depth to each marker’s story, pairing classical appeal with a touch of modernity. Choose bevel for a dignified, lasting commemoration.

Bronze and Granite: Eternally Understated.

Flush Markers: Grounded Elegance

Flush or flat markers offer a level of discreet reverence, seen most prominently when standing above them. Crafted from enduring bronze or granite, these markers merge seamlessly with the earth, encapsulating memories in a manner both modest and monumental. Their grounded nature serves as a poignant reminder of the lasting imprint of loved ones.

A Restful Tribute to Remembered Lives

Memorial Benches: Elegance & Utility

Embracing the harmony of function and sentiment, Ketterhagen’s memorial benches offer both a dedicated space for heartfelt engravings and a peaceful spot for reflection. As their popularity has surged, so has our dedication to crafting imaginative and comforting designs that stand as enduring tributes to the memories they honor.

Crafting Legacies, One Memorial at a Time

Each stone tells a story; let us help you write yours.

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