Our Monuments

Crafting Legacies: From Obelisks to Garden Benches, Commemorating Every Tale of Time.

Monuments are more than mere stone and craftsmanship; they are living testaments to the stories they enshrine. Whether capturing the essence of an individual, marking the significance of a place, or honoring a specific moment in history, each monument stands as an enduring symbol. From the grandeur of obelisks to the serenity of garden benches, Ketterhagen expertly crafts every detail. With a rich legacy of commemorating tales, Ketterhagen offers an array that encompasses statues, columbariums, mausoleums, and beyond. Trust us to immortalize your memories in a monument that stands the test of time.

Honor the Departed with Elegance and Dignity

Columbariums: The Majestic Cremation Memorials

Columbariums offer a reverent solution for those who choose cremation. As stunning structures, they not only provide a resting place for the departed but also stand as elegant testimonials to a life remembered. Ketterhagen’s expert craftsmanship ensures each columbarium embodies both durability and grace.

Exploring the Unparalleled Range of Ketterhagen's Monuments

Distinctive Tributes for Lasting Memories


An architectural marvel, obelisks stand tall as a tribute to timeless dedication. These pointed pillars, often inscribed or adorned, offer a distinguished way to honor a memory or significant event.


Artistic and evocative, statues are a deeply personal way to memorialize a life. Whether it's an angelic figure, a likeness of a loved one, or a symbol of their passions, statues capture essence and emotion in stone.

Garden Benches

Marrying function with sentiment, garden benches are both a resting place and a memorial. Engraved with touching messages or names, they provide a serene spot for reflection amidst the beauty of nature.

Veteran Displays

A tribute to bravery and dedication, these displays honor those who valiantly served their country. Customized to represent various branches of the military, they serve as a poignant reminder of a veteran's distinguished service.

Craft a Monumental Legacy

Every story deserves its own unique canvas. Let Ketterhagen guide your narrative.

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