Slant Markers

Where Tradition Meets Modern Elegance in Memorialization

Crafted with precision and care, our slant markers capture the essence of a life well-lived, offering an elegant yet timeless tribute.

Slant markers stand as a testament to enduring remembrance, merging the simplicity of design with profound significance. As the foremost choice in single-piece, above-ground markers, their distinct upward angle offers not just visibility but also an artistic dimension that differentiates them from bevel markers. The greater angle on the face of these markers provides a canvas for personalization and heartfelt inscriptions, ensuring that every memory carved is both visible and resonant. To complement their stature, a matching base can be added, grounding the monument in both stability and style. When you choose a slant marker, you’re not just selecting a piece of stone; you’re investing in a legacy that will stand tall through the ages.

Among the diverse choices for memorials, slant markers occupy a unique middle ground, both in stature and cost. They bridge the gap between grand upright monuments and subtle flush markers, offering families a blend of prominence and affordability. An especially noteworthy advantage in Southeast Wisconsin which experiences heavy snowfall, is their elevation — even in the depths of winter, slant markers remain visibly perched above the snow, ensuring that the memories of loved ones aren’t obscured. This feature alone has made them a favorite for many who wish to visit and pay their respects year-round. Beyond the practical, slant markers resonate with those who seek a balance in memorializing their cherished ones: a tribute that stands out, yet remains grounded in humility and grace.

Memorialize with Distinction

Craft a timeless tribute with slant markers, where elegance meets endurance.

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