Stone Colors

Every Shade Tells a Story

At Ketterhagen Memorials, we believe that the color of the stone you select is more than just a hue—it’s an embodiment of memories, feelings, and timeless love. Our diverse array of stone colors ensures that you find the perfect shade that resonates with your heart.

Capturing Memories in Every Hue of Marble & Granite

Stones of Remembrance

Granite - Strength in Every Shade

Granite’s enduring strength and vast color spectrum make it a popular choice for those seeking both durability and beauty. This resilient stone stands firm against time, just as your memories do. Dive into our range of colors, from deep blacks to speckled blues, and discover a shade that speaks to your soul.

Marble - Nature's Palette of Purity

Renowned for its classic elegance and purity, marble has been a cherished choice for monuments across centuries. Its soft texture allows for intricate engravings, ensuring that your tributes are as detailed as your cherished memories. From milky whites to subtle earthy tones, our collection encompasses the finest marble shades to match your sentiment.

Discover the Perfect Stone for Your Memory

Our extensive palette of marble and granite offers hues that tell stories, and textures that evoke emotions. Connect with us to find that ideal shade, reflective of your loved one's spirit.

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